Securing your business

As an business, you have a responsibility to keep the workplace as safe as possible. You also need to know that your staff and customers are honest and safe.

  • Think about ways to prevent crime – failure to take good precautions invites crime into business.
  • Take action in more than one way – there is no silver bullet that will prevent all crimes.
  • Get your staff involved in your actions, this shows them that you are serious about crime prevention, and builds up a crime prevention culture within your business.
  • Work with others to make sure your efforts have the best effects.

Preventing theft:

  • Always check references for new staff and  request  police clearances for new staff members.
  • Clearly document and adhere to clear policies about employee theft.
  • Train staff to identify thieves and to watch out for suspicious behaviour.
  • Greet every person who enters the business in a friendly way.
  • Make sure all monies coming in and going out are dealt with by different employees.
  • Randomly check deliveries, both to your business and to your customers.
  • Monitor the petty cash fund.
  • Question excessive amounts of voids, credits, or damage claims.
  • Never accept photocopies of invoices, delivery notes, etc.
  • Investigate unusual occurrences such as missing documents or unexplained absences during the working day.
  • Tell your staff to pay only for goods received and remind them not to pay for goods that have not been ordered, even if an invoice is provided.
  • Change locks and computer passwords periodically.
  • As a last resort, if you do discover theft in your business, consider prosecution – experts have found that it works as a strong deterrent to others.
  • Always remember that your safety is always more important than your property.