Protecting your business premises

Put yourself in the shoes of a criminal and think how you would break into your premises. What are the weak spots in your security?

  • Securely lock all entrances and exits when nobody is on the premises. Do not leave keys lying around.
  • Lock valuables in a secure safe.
  • Strengthen doors and windows. The more barriers you create, the more you can delay and discourage  burglars.
  • Install a security alarm with several Personal Infra Red (PIR) detectors and use it properly.
  • Consider installing a CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) installed to prevent or identify crime.
  • Keep windows free from displays and posters so staff can see anyone loitering and who’s entering the premises.
  • Keep valuables away from windows to prevent ‘smash and grab’ attacks.
  • Install and use good lighting and locking gates. Also consider places around your business where someone might hide, such as in trees, shrubbery, stairwells and alleyways.
  • Quickly repair any damage to your premises – replace signs, repair equipment, paint over graffiti. Consider using landscaping designs (such as prickly shrubs or closely planted hedges, lighting or fences) to put off criminals.
  • Arrange a routine security patrol, security patrols have been shown to be one of the most effective deterrent to both criminal and anti-social behaviours.
  • Arrange for a professional security company to attend any alarms as soon as they are activated.  This ensures both your safety and a quick response.