Identify your security risks

Most crimes against businesses are not planned – more often than not they occur when someone sees an opportunity.

Conduct a thorough risk assessment. Take a really good look at your business and check where there are opportunities for crime, e.g. unsecured cash tills or anti-social behaviour outside your building.

Draw up a checklist of potential risks and ask yourself some questions. For example:

    • Do all your staff follow agreed opening and closing procedures for the business?
    • Do you monitor visitors arriving at and leaving your premises?
    • Are tools, ladders and valuables securely locked away?
    • Do you keep cash, valuables or medication the premises over night?
    • Do you follow a procedure for closing and locking doors, windows and skylight?

Answering these questions will help you decide which security measures your business needs. Knowing the particular risks your business faces means any action you take will be more effective.